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While We Wait For The Update Which Shall Not Be Named


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I help out new players throughout Mercury and such. And that doesn't mean one shot kill everything for them. 


I also find players trying to clear their star map, and help them out as well.


I've also rebuilt the Dera and Ignis, making great forma projects out of them.

Man I've been making almost the same thing.


Just that I've rebuild the Torid (and I'm findinf it awesome now)

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I play the game for fun.

I know it is a difficult concept, but some people like to play for the sake of playing.

T3 void has nothing to offer me, and yet, I'll strap on a full level 30 loadout and do a 1 and a half hour run just for the challenge.

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Collecting mods and sets I don't want or need to sell for platinum.  Forma and reforma my favorite stuff.  There's not too much I want in the game, but I'm sure there will be new stuff to buy on the market or from players with the update.

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