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is there anyway to get it to fire a little quicker and reload a little quicker? I actually like the stopping power of this gun and it still shoots pretty good at a distance..reloads in a firefight sometimes gets very hairy


For increased fire rate, use Gunslinger. For increased reloading, use Quickdraw.  Both of these mods are fairly common.  As a longer term goal, look for Lethal Torrent and Stunning Speed which are both "nightmare mods" from doing missions on the nightmare level difficulty (if available).

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Something to consider.


To get the best results out of each of these mods they would need to be maxed out to some degree. Which means they will consume a lot of mod points. A 10% faster firing speed is still an improvement, but one you might not really feel. The notable results start at 40% to 60% improvement.


For example Leathal Torrent consumes 11 mod points and Gunslinger 9 when maxed out. Without catalyst that's 1/3rd of your max mod points for each. All while damage increasing mods (Hornet Strike and the elementals) might also become necessary after a while.


So if you want to use the Lex to full effect with the above mentioned mods, you will need to put a bit of effort into improving it. Like waiting for a catalyst alert (if you don't want to spend 20 platinum on one) and releveling it with Forma. Which can all be done with a bit of patience.


Though the Lex Prime you can get further down the road when doing Void ruins, shares the punch of the Lex but with improved firing speed and reduced but still notable recoil.


Not trying to talk you out of using the Lex however, i still have mine. The only thing that could make me sell mine would be a Lex Vandal.

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For fire rate, you can put Gunslinger and Lethal Torrent. If you don't want to use both, then Lethal Torrent would probably be a little better, as it gives multi-shot as well as increased fire rate.


For reload speed, I'd recommend Quickdraw instead of Stunning Speed. Quickdraw costs less, gives more reload, and the status increase from Stunning Speed is too small to make a difference.


Also, this applies for most "older" weapons in the game like the Lex. If you take an action (like roll or quick melee) while the reload timer is 3/4s full, you will still get a full reload.


i.e. You can do a roll or quick melee at this point to still get your reload, while shaving off a half-second (or more depending on the reload time).



You might be able to notice that my magazine has full ammo (6 bullets for a Vulkar), but I'm still reloading. That is, the time after the reload timer hits the 3/4s point is not necessary to actually reload.


Actually, I took the capture a hair too late, but you can think of it as stopping at  "9 o' clock" on the reload timer.

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