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Suggestion For Afk Players


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Anyone played World of Warcraft and remember their death and revive system? When a player is killed in that game, and another player is attempting to revive them, a message appears on the downed player's screen that confirms whether or not they wish to be revived. Click the button and you're revived, don't click and you stay dead. I think Warframe should have this feature too with a few tweaks and additions.


Once the resurrection percentage reaches 100%, another timer will ensue that gives the downed player a chance to click the "do you wish to be revived? Yes or No" notice and get back on their feet; at this point, no one can do anything else for the downed player. The teammates have done their job, and now it would be the downed player's choice to revive or not. I doubt players who are actually in game would click "No" (maybe some would, I dunno). If the second timer hits zero and an option hasn't been chosen, the downed player dies.


When said afk player comes back to their computer, and the mission is still active (as in not completed yet), he/she can choose to manually revive, using one of the four daily revives, or stay dead and just spectate or chat with teammates.


Also, people who are afk for more than 30 seconds will have increased threat that continuously builds up for each second they remain afk. At some point, enemies will simply spawn next to/near the afk person and kill him/her no matter their location in the map. It makes sense, kill the weakest link, right? Who cares for honor? Kill the one who can't defend him/herself. That's one less person that needs to be worried about.


Lastly, a person who has been afk for 30 seconds, and killed because of it, will get a mark. At the end of the mission, any person who has that mark will get either no mission completion reward or have it greatly reduced.

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Not sure if ...

Well 30 sec is quite small amount first off.

What about ppl that was afk in one moment and then make it up by killing ton of stuff(any activity for others) ?

And ppl that are allowed by others to afk due :

1.they said they will be afk - offline matter (ex.:call from work)

2.they are Yours clanmember or friend(so You dont want all that heat)

3.Disconectted ones (illness or power-Internet service outage)((if they are still in game somehow))


Maybe a little voting on end of misson with option to skip ?

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Firstly, 30 seconds is just an example number. It could be anything between 60 to 300 seconds (5 minutes) or more. As for making up kills after being afk, I can go with that. Remove the afk mark after killing a certain amount of enemies.


As for people that are allowed by others to afk for whatever the reason:

1. If it's something simple like taking a leak or answering the phone, I don't think it will take more than 30 seconds or even a few minutes. Calls from work usually go into the mobile phone, so talking to whomever it is while playing is possible. If it's going to take more than five minutes, what can you possibly contribute to your team afterward? If a critical emergency comes up, such as the death of a close friend/relative, why would the afk person even stay on Warframe?

- Phone rings, it's your mom or someone close.

"Bobby, your cousin's water broke and her husband is stationed in Afganistan. Can you take her to the hospital? She's about to give birth any minute!" - honestly, will you really continue to play or get to your cousin like your life depends on it?


2. Would you want a clan member going afk for a long period of time and not contribute to the team's mission success? Why even do that? If you're carrying that person, he/she won't get any exp for being too far from the action. If it's for solar system completion/progression, then you, the carrier, are wasting your time with someone who doesn't even want to do anything. You're essentially clearing the map for your buddy/clanmate. Would you want a leech like that in your clan? Someone who's so lazy they won't even lift a finger to play the game themselves? I wouldn't.


3. If they disconnected, and are still in game, that's unfortunate. But normally, when a player gets reconnected, they'll find themselves in their ship. However, if for some odd reason the dc'd player is still in the mission, huzzah! Kill stuff and remove the afk mark, then get back into the mission. If the mission objective is already completed upon the dc'd player's return and is unable to get the required amount of kills before the team extracts, oh well. They get reduced reward, but just how much could they have gotten in the first place? The person was disconnected and already missed a ton of exp/loot. A great reduction towards a small reward is not very much.


I don't want to include any voting simply because it involves other players and there could be a lot of abuse in it. I'm trying to isolate the requirement for other players to push themselves into the afk person's dilemma. I mean, do you want people butting into your problems or business without permission? I know I don't.

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