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Resembool-Ghost Clan-Welcome Tenno Alchemist


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What is the Resembool clan about?


Well it based on Full Metal Alchemist manga/anime and the ranks are linked to it (see below)

I'm a player that plays when he can, not everyday just a few times a week

But i was loosing myself in the large clans and small clans demand daily login/contribution


So i wanted a clan for fun and research


I know there are players like me, so this is the deal:

pm me on psn (xajoka) if you want to join (if you are a FMA fan it is double fun)

you will be given a cool name from the ones below (or one you request but i like to keep it in the Fullmetal world :p)
and will get all possibilities of a general over time

the only thing i ask is try building a fun clan and help expanding it

try playing once a week, if you cannot play for a longer period let us know on psn or here or even in the daily message

if you are planning to stop, please be so kind to let us know so we can give other people the chance to join


i started the clan like 2hours before this post and i will build as much as i can/as fast as i can


Hope to see some fun players


some titles for the moment:


Father-Human sacrifice-State Alchemist-Homunculus-Dog ofthe military-philosopher stone-Greed-Lust-Envy-Pride




got tenno and energy lab and buzy doing research
will have chem and bio lab later this week

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