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Looking For Blind Justice

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i have any pl right now but if you want trade I have this right now 


-Akbronco prime blueprint

-Ankyros Prime (guantlet, blade, bp)

-bo prime (ornament,bp)

-boar prime (receiver, stock)

-boltor prime stock

-braton prime stock

-bronco prime stock

-burston prime bp

-ember prime systems

-fang prime (bp, baldes)

-frost prime (helmet, chassis)

-latron prime full set

-lex prime (barrel, receiver)

-mag prime (bp, chassis)

-orthos prime blade

-paris prime (bp, upper limb, lower limb, string)

-Reaper prime (handke, bp)

-rhino prime (systems)

-sicarus prime (barrel, bp)




-Crossing snakes

.Iron phoenix

-tranquil cleave

-coiling viper


-natural talent

-vigor (maxed)

-Toxic barrage

-malignicent force

-pistol pestilence



-Virulent scourge

-arrow mutation

-burdened magazine

-split chamber

-coolant leak

-narrow minded
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