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Hellow fellow lazy Tenno.



I suspect that many of you are on the bad terms with RNG gods and are looking for items that are eluding you for ages. Some of you are just resellers that are looking cheap items to buy and sell them later. That said, i dont really care why people want something as long as i get what i need.



And lets go back to the issue here. I have things that random Tenno might need and i am willing to trade them for items that i need or want.




Arcane Helmets


Aura Trinity

Aurora Frost

Avalon Excalibur

Chorus Banshee

Coil Mag

Gambit Vauban

Menticide Nyx

Phoenix Ember

Reverb Banhee

Scorpion Ash

Squall Frost



Prime Sets


Rhino Prime Set

Boltor Prime Set

Ankyros Prime Set

Braton Prime Set

Reaper Prime Set

Boar Prime Set

Orthos Prime Set

Sicarus Prime Set

Latron Prime Set



Prime Parts


Bo Prime Ornament ( who needs this?! Drops like crazy)

Bronco Prime BP

Burston Prime Barrel, Receiver and Stock

Dakra Prime Blade and BP

Ember Prime Chassis, Systems and Helmet

Fang Prime Blade

Frost Prime BP, Chassis and Helmet

Glaive Prime BP and Disc

Hikou Prime Stars

Lex Prime Barrel

Loki Prime Chassis

Paris Prime BP, Upper Limb, Lower Limb and String





PM for this, its time consuming to write everything i have, and i am too lazy for that.



If you find anything interesting that you might like, PM on Forums or in game ( if i am online ). Platinum is accepted as are other forms of paying ( mods, Prime parts, killing Lotus, drinking Greedy Milk after work and such space afterwork activities ).

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