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Survival, Better Warning For Life Support Dropping Below 30%


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Seriously. I just hosted one of my most enjoyable T4S in a while. Got three people in that were very talkative, good at shooting and had great team work.


Well, we made it easily to 46 minutes. But then I suddenly checked the life support and noticed "2%" in the bar. Instant reaction "FUUUUU" and then rush to the nearest capsule. That was futile of course and we had no other choice than to go to extraction. We were all pretty shocked that none of us had noticed the LS dropping so low. Sure we were talking some crap in the chat which distracted us a bit, but hell that's not an excuse.


The current one lotus warning "YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME" when you first time go below 30% LS is just ridiculous. First of all, the message should pop up every time LS goes below 30%. Secondly why not make the WHOLE LS bar to blink in red with an exclamation mark! to ensure people noticing it.


For the love of Tenno Lotus, you should really keep us better informed of our current oxygen situation. It's OUR lives on the line. I know you must be busy with all your furry Kubrow puppies, but please don't forget about your soldiers who are fighting this war :3

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