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Prime Stuff Thats Got To Go! *sell Sell Sell*

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Selling cheap just send me offeres in game or reply to this plox 

if they dont have a number next to them I only gots one!


Weapons and BPs


Akbronco Prime BP


Bronco Prime BP


Ankyros Prime BP


Bo Prime Handle


Bo Prime Oranament  ( 3 )


Boar Prime Receiver ( 3 )


Boar Prime Stock


Burston Prime Barrel


Burston Prime Receiver


Hikou Prime BP


Hikou Prime Stars ( 2 )


Lex Prime Receiver 


Orthos Prime BP


Paris Prime Grip ( 2 )


Paris Prime Lower Limb ( 3 )


Paris Prime String 


Reaper Prime BP


Sicarus Prime BP




Ember Prime BP ( 2 )


Ember Prime Chassis ( 2)


Ember Prime Helm


Frost Prime Helm ( 2 )


Loki Prime BP


Rhino Prime Chassis 


Rhino Prime Helm 


Rhino Prime Systems





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