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Some Ideas About Mag's Bullet Attractor


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I think it would be better if Bullet Attractor did more than just attract bullets to the target. IMO, my ideas on Bullet Attractor will improve not BA itself but all 3 other Mag's abilities and gives us reason to use all her abilities.



***Bullet Attractor***

" Creating a field filled with magnetic force , causing passing bullets to seek any enemies in the area. The field enchants other Mag's ability.


- Instead of placing the magnetic field on a target , Mag will create a magnetic field where the cursor is , for a duration , of course. Mag can have 3( too much ?) magnetic fields maximum at a time 

- Instead of causing the bullets to seek the targeted enemies , it will make the bullets hit all enemies standing in the field of Bullet Attractor.


- Instead of detonating when the target dies , the field will strengthen Mag's other ability , specifically :




+  "When Mag use Pull and there's a Bullet Attractor in Pull's range, the enemies will be pulled into Bullet Attractor"


This will give Mag more control over her Pull ability, allowing her to decide where she wants to pull her enemies to. Pull will also make Bullet Attractor more effective as it gather enemies into the BA

Shield Polarize

+  "Enemies standing inside Bullet Attractor will take increased damage from SP"


It may sound rather insignificant but i think BA giving more perks to SP will make it OP


+ "Crush strengthen the magnetic force created by Bullet Attractor . After having been collapsed , enemies inside Bullet Attractor will become slowed significantly"


This will give Mag even more crowd control capability , enemies will have a much harder time to escape the magnetic field , thus increasing Mag's DPS as the enemies will get hit by their bullets for a longer duration



-Bullet Attractor + Pull will pull enemies to the desirable location , allowing you to land your Orgis without worrying about killing yourself in the process

-After Bullet Attractor + Pull , you can either use Shield Polarize to finish off hordes of squishy enemies  or Crush to handicap the enemies( if SP is unable to take them down quickly )


***Will this make Mag OP ?***

I don't think so , the ideas give Mag the ability to perform more creative plays, improve her crowd control capability and make her more viable against a wider range of enemies . She still won't be the frames that press a single button and wipe everything in the room ( well except against Corpus , she has always been that way ) 


Moreover, Bullet Attractor is required to do any combo and it cost 75 energy . With the magnetic field being afftected by Power Duration , Fleeting Expertise is out of the question

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Bullet attractior is an defensive skills IMO

it blocks the attacks of the heavy units

the skill is totally fine when fighting bosses like the zanuka and raptor

so I don't think the idea of following the cursor is useful (it is difficult to control, too)

but I like the idea of buffing other abilities

how about when the attractor detonates (or just affecting the enemy no matter if it explode or not),

it debuffs the surrounding enemies instead of damaging them?

I think this should have the same effects as your suggestion

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Mag was OP when Grinner also had Shields, but High level void and Corpus Mag performs Shield Polarize to be efficient.And when Pull did as described and pulled targets to a position right in front of you for what could have been easy Melee Channeling Ground finisher with Life-Strike in this post Melee 2.0 era. (Pull would have made Infested easier to deal with, rather than Ragdoll.)

Even with the Bullet Attractor buffs it seems the changes are only there to enhance Mag against Grineer.

With Pull being more useful against Infested than any power combo due to frequent Disrupters and Leech Eximus.

I like the proposals.

(Or Personally due to Max Blindrage, I will still be using only Pull and Shield Polarize with Stream line and Fleeting Expertise.)

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The ideas were not mainly about buffing Mag but about making her abilities complement each other, encouraging bringing all her abilities to use ( especially the very underwhelming Crush ).


The current Bullet Attractor isn't that great, considering fighting bosses now tend to be about hitting weak spots and throwing BA onto a heavy unit ... standing together with many other heavy units ... in a massive swarm of enemies , is not something worths 75 energies

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Why don't make it looks like shield polarize?

Make our shots instantly home to enemies with additional buff to our party with bullet deflector(more like mag's version of turbulence but the difference is instead the bullet go in random way it's going to home to the enemy that targeted with bullet attractor)?

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