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Best Place To Farm Forma Bps Still T2 Exterminate?



I read in a thread that was made  a bit ago and it said that the best place to farm for forma BPs is T2 exterminate missions and I was wondering if that was still true.(any other suggestions on places to farm formas would also be appreciated)


Thanks in advance for responces.

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used to be T2 C, nowadays I think its T2 E that is the best place again.


ignore ppl who say defense and survival, they dont understand they waist time on those, non endless missions is the good way to farm.

They would be, except they require using an entire key. Defense and survival mean you can grab multiple at a time. This obviously being a difference in efficiency. Of course you can speed run standard mission types, but then you need one key for every attempt, so you already have to run standard defense and survival just to get enough keys for it to be feasible.

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