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Dragon Nikana (Speed? Or Crit?)


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so i was bored and wanted to try to make a good build for my dragon nikana.I came to 2 builds that kind of fits my style.


1.the speed build: i got fire and damage mods but with 2 spots open i placed berserker and fury to increase the speed.


2.the crit build:same as the above but instead of berserker and fury i placed organ shatter and true steel.


any ideas which could be best for general killing of grineer, corpus, and infested.

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I use Berserker, crit chance, fury, two elements, Life Strike, Pressure Point and Buzzkill.


While Tainted Strike may seem good, it is actually a very minor increase or even a drop in DPS most of the time, and is only really worth running in stealth or finisher attack builds.

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