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Warframe Always Crash


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i am having a really bad time every time i open warframe because of those unexpected crashes.. it all started when the game FAILED to UPDATE so i have decided to uninstall and reinstall the game and after 2 long days of waiting finally i open the game and began to notice crashes everywhere.... whenever i go to dojo it crash, i go to navigation it crash, i go to equipment it crash, i play a mission and after 2 or 5 mins or so it crash again... i have reported the unusual crashes already and i cant still play the game... i have turned off my firewall in my computer... and btw my internet is good, i play this game for months and maybe a yr and only now i encounter this problem... these are the warframe crash codes i am getting.... pls anyone do something.... i really want to play with my friends and clanmates...    

war 332951
war 333187
war 333383
war 332909

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