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Cameras And Lazer Doors Update


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Not about time you made the door lazers equal to all frames and just make them Deadly, then players would be forced to shoot the camera.  So copy paste the code for the void trap lazer and fry anything going through, including Rhino's and speed glitching players

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Well, I wouldn't make them lethal, that would be a TERRIBLE idea. Because more often than not the rusher is well past the door laser and out of harms way while the rest of the team could be walking trough a doorway a couple of rooms back. This would backfire spectacularly as it would usually kill everyone else, not the rusher himself.


I am not a "rusher" and this is my experience: Someone takes off and zooms to the horizon while I play mission normally, and when I walk trough the first door, the lasers pop up from out of nowhere and they will stay there until the rusher has gone out of the camera view, only for the laser to pop up again half a second later when the guy triggers another camera.


Now, imagine what a lethal laser would do to the team - 3 out of 4 players bleeding out at the first door.


If they absolutely had to add something to slow players down, I'd only suggest the lasers to cause a timed slow effect, like the freeze pads in the Void. And if they wanted to make it a bit more harsh, adding a knockdown effect that ignores knockdown immunity granted by an ability would do the trick. A frozen frame flat on his face takes a few seconds to get up and will surely give everyone enough time to catch up.

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Rushers will still find a way to rush and everyone else will still get screwed.


Laser doors WERE a threat for a little bit, but the rushers exploited workarounds and everyone else was screwed.




Nothing changes their need to screw other players.

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