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Host Migration Causes Void Mission To Fail


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Every time when I am the host, I fill my squad, start the mission, host migration appears randomly and when the mission loaded it says that it failed.


This happened way too many times, now I can't play with random players because of "Host Migration" problem.

Players who host the void mission/key shouldn't be able to enter host migration. The key owner supposed to host always, not a random player.


Host Migration is really bad. If I am the owner of the key and I want to host than why can't I do that?

I would prefer an option to "always be the host".

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I disagree. We have the same problem, but the best thing is to let the game chose the host (as long as it does it well), and then the host should wait for the key owner to launch the mission.

Actually, I think the problem appeared when they added the possibility for the host to start a mission before every player is ready. So the game considers that the key owner isn't here (he's just not here yet), and it automatically fails to prevent key "stealing".

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