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[Weapon Concept Art]--- Shock Dagger


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Here is the SHOCK DAGGER---it will be a tenno electricity based melee weapon,as you can see the dagger can be folded and expend,as a dagger type weapon,i think the attack speed of it should be more than 1.1 since a lot of the daggers in warframe are too slow no one wants to use them,to make this thing better please leave a comment about what do U think the state of this thing should be.


[as always,the art is done by me,since i am a hobbyist concept artist,you can check out my work here:http://nobody00000000.deviantart.com/ ]


my other concept art in the warframe forum:https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/229543-weapon-concept-artsasunoothe-railgun/

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It's interesting, but how would you even hold it to open it? Looks like it would be a very awkward maneuver.


What kind of damage?


50% Electric

25% Puncture

25% Slash

It's a switchblade. You'd hold it by the handle in both modes. Would be easier to see if one of the images was "upside-down" to how it is now.

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That thing looks heavy, like it needs two hands to unfold the blade, so the thing doesn't pop out of your hand when it snaps open due to holding it with just your fingertips. You can't grip the handle entirely/securely because the blade is in the way.


Opening a switchblade 2 handed is kinda lame, but I guess I could live with it. And it's not like animations care about weight anyway. It just looks funny, like those guys who are learning to ride motorcycles and keep one leg sticking out as they accelerate lol

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