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Parkour/movement Button Combinations Change With Keyboards?


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If you couldn't tell, I really have no idea how to title this bug. I've been playing with a friend for a while now who couldn't seem to get the hang of a few parkour moves that I thought were super easy. Even after making sure all our keybindings and settings are identical, they still were having troubles. After buying a new keyboard, I may have discovered the issue has nothing to do with them, but their keyboard instead.


I've been using a Logitech Wireless Keyboard K250 for longer than I've had Warframe, and recently bought a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard k740. After a couple missions I noticed I was having some trouble doing the sprint-slide-jumpflip, my generally preferred method of getting around. I played around with it a bit, and noticed I could not jump at all while sprinting either. With my old keyboard, to do the sprint-slide-jumpflip, I would start sprinting in a direction holding Shift to sprint, hold down left Ctrl to slide, and tap Spacebar to jumpflip. With my new keyboard I have to let go of Shift while holding down left Ctrl and then press Spacebar.


It certainly is not something that will be hard to adjust to, but it is still probably something that needs to be addressed because there might be other keyboard related issues. While I know some people may not be good at parkour in general, it's possible some of the problems people have with parkour in general aren't skill. I feel like the problem my friend has been having might be because I've been explaining it the way my keyboard works, but if it's different for their keyboard then I've only been confusing them.


I'm actually wondering which is the way it is intended to work now. I'm leaning towards the way my old keyboard worked because I think being unable to jump while sprinting or having to release Shift and still hold down left Ctrl to do the sprint-slide-jumpflip is somewhat awkward feeling for my hand as I basically have to bend my pinky backwards.

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limited input and lockups are common issues with generic Keyboards.


USB normally has limited simultaneous inputs, and that means that generic USB Keyboards can lock up when holding down specific combinations of keys.

(holding W, A, and trying to press most other keys is a classic example)



the solution to this would be to buy a good Keyboard that has atleast 4 Key Rollover, though i'd recommend 6 or N Key rollover.

it's hard to go wrong with N Key rollover despite the overkill, i could sit on my Keyboard and it would still signal input just fine ;)




alternatively, you could use just about any Keyboard through PS/2 and it would signal all Input just fine. with more generic Keyboards that don't have fancy unnecessary features(but hey, they're nice to have), you won't lose any functionality.

but if it's backlit or has fancy Drivers, or Media functions, none of that will work on PS/2.




it's basically an issue with USB, and Keyboards need to be built with parallel circuitry and fancy tricks to get USB to work correctly.

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I'm no keyboard tech guy, but I know some keyboards are more specialized at playing certain games than others. I have keyboards for specific games, currently have 4 keyboards, and have used 6.


Check out if you can press all they keys you use to slide jump here:  http://www.microsoft.com/appliedsciences/antighostingexplained.mspx


Your keyboard might be ghosting and therefore not registering you pressing space bar because too many keys are held down at once.

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Well that's... a painful revelation to have about technology. Using the site Shuuro linked, I figured out that I can use Shift+Space and Shift+W, but not Shift+W+Space. Left Ctrl was apparently not a part of the issue. Going into logitech's support buried deep away there was a page that basically said "yup, that particular combination does not work with the newer keyboards" in a matter-of-fact way that made it feel like "sucks to be you" was tacked on the end.


That's really awful though, it makes buying a keyboard like rolling dice. I was really liking my new keyboard up until that point... biggest waste of money I've made in recent memory.

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Well if you like logitech keyboards, then I could possibly recommend two.


I used the K750 wireless keyboard which was charged by using solar energy.


and now I've upgraded to the logitech K800 wireless keyboard, which charges by USB.


Both of these keyboards work great, and I've never really had a problem with them.


Of course, I'd still recommend doing your own research on them and to see if there are keyboards out there that fits you more.

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