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Selling> Prime Parts

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I tried keeping the prices low but if you’re still not happy please tell me and i’m sure we can work things out!

If you want anything please message me or comment below (please don't just add me in-game without telling me who you are) and we'll work stuff out from there! :>




  • Ember Prime Helmet (9x) - 2p each
  • Frost Prime Chassis (1x) - 2p
  • Frost Prime BP (2x) - 1p each
  • Mag Prime Chassis (10x) - 1p each
  • Mag Prime BP (2x) - 1p each
  • Rhino Prime Systems (2x) - 1p each
  • Rhino Prime BP (3x) - 7p each


  • Boar Prime Receiver (5x) - 2p each
  • Boltor Prime Stock (2x) - 1p each
  • Burston Prime Barrel (1x) - 7p
  • Latron Prime Barrel (1x) - 1p
  • Latron Prime Stock (1x) - 3p
  • Latron Prime BP (1x) - 1p
  • Paris Prime Grip (1x) - 2p
  • Paris Prime Lower Limb (5x) - 1p each


  • AkBronco Prime Link (2x) - 9p each
  • AkBronco Prime BP (3x) - 6p each
  • Hikou Prime BP (1x) - 25p
  • Lex Prime Receiver (1x) - 9p
  • Sicarus Prime Barrel (10x) - 2p each


  • Bo Prime Ornament (3x) - 3p each
  • Dakra Prime Handle (2x) - 3p each
  • Orthos Prime Handle (2x) - 4p each
  • Orthos Prime BP (1x) - 3p
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