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Dark Tokens-Nightmare Mode Incentives


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Hey guys,


I was thinking about this for a while, I hate the fact that nightmare mode is actually interesting but so overlooked once you've received all of your mods from it.


Here are my suggestions, dark tokens. Yes it is a token system but purely for the nightmare mode which will allow you to do several things.



With these tokens you will be able to trade them in for the Ether weapons and/or Dark weapons. 

Why? Because the current to achieve those weapons is super dull, however the weapons do not need buffs (per se).


My suggested change to the Ether weapons: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/319849-ether-weapons-suggestion-vs-infested/


You can also trade with other players, who may want them for several reasons.



Now this is the more important part, people have suggested that we should be able to upgrade weapons like in an MMO, problem is that any balancing attempt will be made 100% harder if it applies to all weapons since it is not from the beginning, therefore ending up useless or overpowered.


My plan is to allow you to upgrade any weapons that can be upgraded by these tokens, for now Dark and Ether weapons. By upgrading a weapon it gains a small stat boost and a level, the higher this level the harder it is for you to upgrade.


This means that you can effectively build a power house out of these weapons if you spend enough time and energy on them. Therefore they don't actually require any straight up buffs from DE.

Upgrading costs tokens and credits, tokens used to literally upgrade the weapon and credits for the process.


You can also fuse certain weapons together, such as 2 dark daggers or 2 dark swords or a dark sword and a dark dagger to give different stat combos. Longer reach vs speed vs critical chance etc...




By playing the nightmare mode you can also find power tokens, these are similar to the normal ones except they are very rare and contain a certain unique attribute such as lifesteal, major increase in damage on air units or blocking requiring less stamina.


You can then pump one of these on any weapon you can upgrade with the dark tokens, which will seal the power token onto it. Now the deal behind this is that you cannot upgrade your weapon once a power token is placed on it, you can remove it using dark tokens but it will also remove 1-2 levels and the power token will be in a "sealed" mode for 1-2 days depending on initial rank of weapon (upgrade level).




Keep in mind that at first it will be basic but this would allow DE to bring more weapons into these series and more unique weapons for players to hunt down.


What do you guys think?




Here is a delicious image for you:


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