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[Idea] Hydra Tenno Machine Gun (Includes Super Terrible Concept Art Drawn By 5 Year Old!11!


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It would basically be the tenno version of the gorgon, but with a few twists, it is a tri barreled gun that fires 1 shot from each barrel in full auto every time you hold down the trigger, however, the firerate is quite slow, its meant to be the high damage low fire rate LMG, ok, what does the gun fire then? it basically fires miniscule versions of the boltor/bolto bolts, but seeing as they are not the same size, instead of a full armor ignore it ignores 15% of armor, its a hitscan weapon this time around, I drew inspiration of the ALIG 762 from APB: Reloaded, in that it destroys armor with slow firerate and high damage

Brace yourself here is the terrible concept i made with 5 seconds in paint (Its 11PM and i draw as good as a crow with a mouse)


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