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Add Darvo's Barter To His Deals.


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So I just had this shiny idea right now. 


Every now and then Darvo comes by with his offers which can't be refused. 


When Darvo comes by he could also offer the players a one-off chance to do a single bartering trade. Just like an event or tactcal alert gives us a one-off reward (usually 3 tiers of rewards, but only one of each).


Here's the logic. Players are *@##$ing and cursing about RNGesus, and how they have a repeatedly played X mission but still couldn't get Y reward. 

The idea is to give the player a single chance to get one single part of something, to reward him of the great number of hours he poured in the game, and compensate the fickle will of RNGesus thumbing down on the player. 




Darvo comes by someday and besides the 'buy platinum!' offers or 'spend a bit less platinum and get THIS!', Darvo will also offer the player a one-time barter deal where the player gets to give a truckload of inventory and credits for a single item. 


Bartering deals would suck a lot of stuff from the player. The player would have to prove that he spent lots of time in-game but still didn't get what he wanted. How will the player prove? By paying with stuff - credits and resources, which are efectively just various types of 'coin' - which demonstrate he spent a good time inside the game, hunting this stuff.


Darvo would offer stuff on 3 tiers: 


Moderately hard to achieve - costs 200.000 credits and an assortment of rare resources like neurodes, neural sensors, mutagen mass, fieldron


What can the player get in return: Common/uncommon mods, login rotation blueprints, non wraith/vandal/prime blueprints which are not in the market or clan tech.


Hard to achieve - costs 400.000 credits and a larger assortment of rare resources. Also costs one forma. Also costs Orokin cells, and prime parts. possibly costs a number of Tower I and II Void Keys, or Derelict Keys depending on the piece type. One Forma can also be bought (this last item does not cost one forma to buy ;). 


What can the player get: Non-impossiburu Prime parts. Each Prime Gear has at least one part of 'impossiburu' rarity. e.g. parts not available: Burston Prime BP, Glaive Blade, Wyrm Cerebrum, etc. Parts available: BO Prime Ornament, Ember Prime BP, Mag Prime BP, Orthos Prime handle, etc. Mods available: Non-nightmare, Non-corrupted, non-impossiburu rare mods, Rare Fusion Cores. Stuff like Whirlwind, Quick Thinking, Handspring are off-limits.


Impossiburu hard to achieve - costs 600.000 credits and 5 of each rare resource. also, one Forma, and one Orokin Catalyst or Reactor. Also costs five different parts of prime gear of the same class of weapon of the wanted part. 


Ex: Burston Prime BP. The player needs to pay all the resources + 5 prime parts of primary weapons for that. 


Handspring. It is a warframe mod, so it costs 5 parts of Prime Warframes + resources for that.


What can be acquired: anything including Brakk and Detron parts, wraith/vandal BPs, event mods, impossiburu hard to achieve mods, except a few off-the-table items, such as Primed Chamber and founder exclusives.



With the number of things really hard to get in this game, and Darvo deals happening few and far between, these would be eagerly sought after, but also wouldn't disrupt the game's economy, since they would be so rare events. 

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