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Sines Arcane Helmet And Junk Shop!

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PM or post in this thread w/ Offers. I tend to leave the game on, so even if I'm in game, I might not be at the computer.

Platinum prices are approximate and negotiable.

- Latron (BP, Barrel) [2p]
- Boltor (Stock, Barrel) [4p]
- Boar (Reciever) [4p]
- Braton (BP) [2p]
- Reaper (Reciever) [4p]
- Bo (Ornament) [2p]
- AkBronco (BP) [2p]
- Ankyros (Gauntlet) [4p]
- Burston (BP) [4p]
- Dakra (Handle) [5p]
- Orthos (Blade, Handle) [5p]

Rare Mods [if not price marked, it's 5p or less. Message me and I'll determine a price.]
- Energy Channel
- Intensify
- Lethal Torrent
- Fired Up
- Flow
- Fortitude
- Heavy Trauma
- Ice Storm
- Natural Talent
- Pistol Pestilence
- Power Throw
- Sundering Strike
- Thunderbolt
- Vital Sense

- Split Chamber

- Decisive Judgement (10p)

Warframes and Sentinels
- Rhino (Systems) (4p)
- Mag (Chassis) (5p)
- Wyrm (Carapace) [5p]
- Frost (BP) [8p]

Arcane Helmets
- Frost Aurora (+25% Armor, -5% Health) [i rather like this one. But, if you want it that badly, it's 100p]
- Mag Coil (+25% Range, -5% Shields) [70p]
- Mag Gauss (+25% Energy Max, -3% Movespeed) [45p]
- Ash Scorpion (+25% Stamina, -5% Power Efficiency) [50p]
- Volt Storm (+10% Power Strength, -5% Stamina) [50p]

Two of the helmets are just BPs at this point, Scorpin and Gauss. Once you place an order, I'll start crafting if I haven't already. If a helmet is not yet crafted, please place a reply in this thread so I can keep track of you better. You're also welcome to speak to me in game so that I can begin crafting sooner.

=== Trade Options

Primarily looking for pure plat, as I need the slots and potatos. However, I'm very short on some of the rarer mods (Corrupted and Event Mods like Jolt in particular), and may be willing to accept those in trade instead.

For prime parts, I'm interested in Loki (All parts and BP) and Nyx (All parts and BP).

I'm also lacking in Shotgun mods of almost all kinds. I'm not a huge shotgun fan, but it's not helped by the fact that when I do use a shotgun it's underpowered. While the stuff I'm looking for isn't particularly valuable (for example, I'm missing the 'base' Uncommon Electric and Toxic elemental mods) a bunch of that stuff might be worth a plat or two.

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List updated again. New Blind Justice for sale. My third one, these things seem to drop like candy for me.


EDIT: And it's gone already. Those things sell like Hotcake. Still plenty of nice things in the list, though.

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