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Limited Time Offer, Arcane Vanguard For Only 100P!

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You will NEVER find it cheaper than here. Basically it's a 50-60p saved up platinum.


"Why he sells it for dirt-cheap?" - you may ask, answer is that I found an excellent offer and owner of that item reserved it for me for 24h. So now I'm quickselling this helmet that I don't use anymore.


Leave a post with your IGN and add me in-game!

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@Nadarejin - Yes, the offer is still up, my occasion passed away, but I still want to get rid of it for 100p, so if you want you can buy it right now.

@crafturtoemc - I do believe you mean the NORMAL, statless Vanguard helmet from an Alert. This one is arcane, it gives +25% movement speed at cost of 5% less power strength.

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I'm online right now. I've added you as well.


[EDIT] It seems we have not caught each other. I'm usually online 7-12 PM and 7-8 AM +8GMT. Let's schedule a deal during any of these times, or you can mention a time interval of your preference.

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