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[Recruitment Now Open] Hand Of The Lotus - Casual Storm Clan


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Hand of the Lotus is a casual storm size clan in the universe that is Warframe. Our goal is to have fun, help people out, and have the best gaming experience we can while playing together. We are a young-adult oriented clan who like to have fun, joke around, make fantastically bad puns and socialize with each other while we kill ourselves some Infested, Grineer, and Corpus bastards.


Looking for casual players who want to feel like they belong in a clan!


Enrollment is very easy; visit our clan website, fill out the form and we will respond as soon as possible! We welcome all tennos with open arms!


Visit the website to find out more:   http://www.handofthelotus.com



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Just applied on the website :) . Looking for a nice and helpful clan as my clan is very dead at the moment. My friends convinced me to join about a month ago but now they have moved on to Destiny. I am rank 6

My partner is Eidahage_feroe and we are on pretty often. So if we can both join the clan that would be great.

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