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Can't Dissolve My Own Failed Clan. Wtf?


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I was way in over my head when I started my own clan. Now after 2 weeks, I'm the only member, and wish to leave to join another well-established clan.

But guess what?? I can't unless I "promote" someone else...


The twist: I'm the only member!


So what? Do I need to lure someone into joining my clan, then screw him/her over by ditching them, thus putting them in the exact same sh*tty predicament I'm currently in??


Who the hell thought this was a good idea??

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Make sure that you don't have any names in pending either. I thought you could dissolve a clan bit you have to be the warlord, last member, and have no pending invites.

Oh hell yes, good call! I never thought of that, and it worked! Would've been nice to have that part mentioned on their help page. Thank you again! 

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