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What If?


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Something that I have been thinking about is having the ability to piece together your own customized warframe. This will more than likely never be implemented into the actual game buts its fun to think about. Im still kinda trying to think up of a system that would allow you to make your own warframe. So far I have thought of being able to purchase a 150-250k blueprint that will fusion the blueprints of helmets, system, and chassis making a somewhat custom war frame. Before you all say it’s a bad idea, like I said I was just thinking what if.



Or use 1 ability card of your choice from each warframe.


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you mean blueprint transmute


i might transmute 4 dual zoren bp and get a brakk part


I could go for some blueprint transmuting.


It'd make getting Hate and Dispair easier.

EDIT: ...probably.

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