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Favourite Loadouts


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Fang Prime


Ember Prime

Braton Prime


Glaive Prime


Mag Prime


Bo prime





Dragon Nikana



Braton Prime

Lex prime

Dakra Prime



Boltor Prime


Dakra Prime





Dual Ichor/ Ankyros Prime/ Atterax

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Zephyr (Rejuvenation, Max Duration), Valkyr or Ember Prime


Boltor Prme, Amprex, Lanka or Dread


Wraith Twin Vipers, Akstilettos. or Akvasto (WTB Aklex Prime)


Dakra Prime, Dragon Nikana or Glaive Prime (Scindo Prime will probably get a spot on this list too)

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Mirage, Mirage, Mirage, Mirage and Mirage


Supra, Supra, Supra, Supra and Supra


Lex Prime, Lex Prime, Lex Prime, Lex Prime and Lex Prime


Glaive Prime, Glaive Prime, Glaive Prime, Glaive Prime and Glaive Prime






Energy Siphon.


Hall of Mirrors too Stronk

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Oberon / Excalibur / Loki / Ash 

Dread / Latron Wraith / Drakgoon / Zorg Zf- Er, Buzlok

N/A I don't really use sidearms... But Castanas when I am feeling it.

Basically anything that can copter -decently- / Any staff weapon / Galatine / And Kronen. Because they are awesome.


Sentinal: Whatever. Like Kubrows though, specially my attack one. She is a beast.

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My favorite is my gunmage build. While this still doesnt make volt a warframe with alternatives to gunplay it does make him enhance funplay


Warframe: 1 formad Volt with all abilities, arcane storm helmet, a maxed redirection, rifle amp, fast deflection, streamline, flow, intensify, and quick rest

Primary: 4 forma Soma (used calypso gamings build on youtube and IMO it outshines the boltor prime in most situations)

Secondary: 1 formad Marelok (it needs another forma to be the best but Im happy where its at)

Melee: 2 formad Orthos prime (used Dog man Dans build on youtube except with the addition of the new slash mods I added 1 dash polarity to fit in buzz kill instead of jagged edge and max out fever strike. Very awesome and effective build)

Sentinal: 2 formad Carrier but no reactor (packs vacuum, no weapon, coolant leak, sanctuary, guardian and several defensive mods so he never dies)


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Saryn/Frost Prime/Nekros/Volt/Vauban



Melee depends on whether I need to move or not.


If something doesn't die when I have the Grakata and Marelock, It's time to realize I need to use better equipment.


Have yet to run into this problem though.


That's only serious mode though obviously. If I'm in a bad mood, it's usually Saryn.


I don't mess around when I use Saryn, and I mean business when she is equipped.

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