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Blade Storm Bug


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A couple of friends and I were playing an Defense Mission in the Orokin Direlect. I was playing as Ashe. My other friends were playing as Mag, Valkyr, and Vauban. During this defense mission I ended up using my Blade Storm as Mag was using her Crush Ability. I don't know for sure but somehow Mag ended up killing the enemies that I was targeting while i was in the the middle of my Blade Storm and it caused me to get bugged to where I couldn't jump, aim, use any other abilities, I can't be harmed by any enemies both in Psychical and Elemental Damage, and I am stuck in Mid air towards the point where if I go to a higher point such as a staircase and try to run back down I stay at the same level as the top stair.
While in mid air I attempt to try to fix myself but to no avail as because my power was in use due to Blade storm and there was 2 pinkish holograms that came from Blade storm that was stopping me from using it.


The Pictures I'm posting was during the ODD mission where the bug happened and I was stuck in the air




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