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Bring The Cheese!



Disclaimer: this is about cliche and fun. If you run the build below, you're not automaticly a bad person. I just want the build people would attribute to a bad person the easiest.

Hey guys,

To cut it short, I am a bit bored in Warframe right now. I need a new goal to strive for.

And I always tend to shy away from the "most played anything". But no more!

I want you to help me find the cheesiest build possible! Bring in all those things that make you instantly cringe and roll your eyes! All of it. My plan so far:

Rhino Prime (obviously). I even got an Arcane Vanguard Helmet for extra cheese.

Boltor Prime for ultimate DePeEs.

Brakk because... well see above.

Melee... I am still a bit at a loss here. Dual Zorens for ultimate rushing potential? Dual Ichors for best dps? Dragon Niakana (blind Justice) because Trve Ninjas hold their katanas backwords (also why cannot I wear it on my back???!!!11)? Aim for Dakra Prime? Crimson Dervish is around.

and how do I mod it? Of cause I will completly disregard any ammunition issues with my Boltor Prime, it may hurt my dps to do so! Thats what team ammo restores are for!

And do I build my RP to maximise Stomp? Or Iron skin? Or aim for both? Roar ofc would have to be kicked out, only loosers use it.

Things I still miss:

- sadly no berserker mod so far. That may make dual ichors less viable.

- still missing a few prime parts even though I already burned through all my appropriate keys. And joining a run there is difficult, since Rhino and Boltor Prime are so damn popular.

Any more Ideas? Come on, you can do it!

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