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Toxic Loadout



For kicks and giggles I'm trying to decide on a toxic based loadout to use with my Saryn and I'm curious about what people would think would be the better options to bring. I'm including weapons with raw or combined toxic effects. Here are my options (feel free to point out if I missed one somewhere).


Primary: Phage or Torrid

Secondary: Acrid, Embolist, Stug or Tysis

Melee: Dual Ichor, Mire, or Scoliac


Personal prefrence has me leaning towards the Phage, Acrid or Tysis, and Mire. I just like the way Phage handles over the Torrid, the consistent status procs from Acrid and Tysis, and the Mire just because I've recently finished it and had fun using it. However I'm curious what others think.

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