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Hey Tenno, Has anyone else noticed that the Warframe Alert App is not in sync with XBox One? There was an alert yesterday on Earth (Europa) for a corrosive or poison Aura Mod I go and log on to get it and all I saw was an extermination mission Grineer 6-7.There was 8 min on the alert when I signed in and opened Earth. I would love to know if the Warframe Alert is synced with XBox One.

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Hi EmanuelMarion77,


I've checked both the DB and XB1 Alerts Twitter; neither show an alert for a corrosive or poison Aura Mod yesterday.


The only Aura alert yesterday for XB1 was:

Carpo (Jupiter): Sabotage Enemy Research Facility - 35m - 5200cr - Shotgun Scavenger (Aura)


It's most likely that you viewed the following PC Alert yesterday and thought it was for XB1:

Eurasia (Earth): Enemy Weapons Trader Located - 42m - 4400cr - Corrosive Projection (Aura)


Please let me know if you're seeing any issues with future alerts! 

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Well there is a Free App in the Google Play Store on Android Devices called Warframe Alerts. I was asking if that was in sync with XBox One.

Ah! My apologies for the confusion.


Unfortunately the Warframe Alert app for Android devices doesn't support console alerts. Sorry about that!


Will make a note of this and see what we can do to change that.

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