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Jupiter "the Big Room" Pickup Issue


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Always had this little issue on Jupiter and finally I am getting around to posting about it. I don't know if there are names for the sections in the levels, so I just call this one "the big room". I have this same issue every time I play on Jupiter and "the big room" is part of the level design. I am able to get pickups from dead Corpus, but I can't pick up most of what comes out of lockers. This video shows one such example.




It seems to only be in this one room, the whole huge area, that this problem occurs on the planet; and it is consistent in that it is every time whether in a squad or solo. I have tried with different warframes, different weapons loaded, with and without Master Thief, with and without enemies still in the area, etc. When I leave the area and come back the lockers are closed without any lights on (red or green) and the pickups that I still can't pick up are sometimes still laying on the ground and sometimes gone.

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