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De Is Making A New F2P Game?


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Obviously its going to be a Pirate themed MMO cranked up to 11 similar to warframe. Sail the seven sea of stars robbing from Corpus and grineer and do what you like with the booty. All while playing your cybernetic pirates


Ok joke aside, I think its an interesting piece of news for sure. It'll probably be at least a year before we see anything about it but it could be really cool. I mean look at warframe, it started out as a good game and through several updates its come leagues from where it was


warframe card game spin-off?

I would play the heck out of that!

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I am neutral. Not at the announcement of the acquisition, but that there is going to be another game when this one with all their development power is unfinished and has features that remain unfinished after multiple updates.


I actually want to see what the update cycle looks like after the next game.

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Hey guys - just a quick note about this - the Warframe team remains on Warframe (at least until I can saw my way through this chain)!


/me adds notes about WF trading card game :)



could it be playable in space Hub


and could we bet stuff?


ya know

Jabba the Hutt


could have some alter ego in WF

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