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How To Get Nav Segments?



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You just end up getting nav segments from running missions. Just loot a lot of things if you can. Once you get a bunch (about 20 probably) you are basically set for the rest of your life because you can find them in derelicts too. 


EDIT: thought you were referring to Orokin Derelict nav coordinates. 


You should get them whenever you kill a boss. Not sure why you aren't getting any. 

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Hmm :/ i logged off earlier today and got on back and ran it 3 more times just about in 15 minutes (Frost's ice bubble power makes that boss a joke) but thanks for the help i'll try support and see what that does

maybe ask someone else to run the mission w/ u...


(only if its cuz of the client)

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Someone from the general chat private messaged me it said it may be because the sector is currently infected and to try after the status thing on it hits 0%


Just realised the boss i was fighting was phorid not jackal (Phorid's four legged and jackals are too seemed close enough lol)


Thanks for the help everyone!

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