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[Videos] Conclave Tournament


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Here's a list of videos we made from/for the SFU Conclave Tournament, figured it might deserve its own thread.


First, the trailer and bracket:



Bracket (don't forget to scroll down xD):



First/second round:

Rakshal vs Rubbertubtub01


Kerbera vs chaor250


ThunderLord vs Auramau


Nipple vs Bioscire


Jesse vs thefruitninja


PsychoRage vs Zt666


LeoCastillo vs The fruitninja


Third round:

LeoCastillo vs Rompido


Auramau vs Riotx


Sxun vs Chaor250



Quarterfinals and up:


Soullessego vs Riotx


chaor250 vs Murkano


This will be updated!

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These are some of the best fights of the tournament, Quarterfinals and Semifinals:

LeoCastillo vs Rubbertubtub01 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


SoullessEgo vs Chaor250 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


Rubbertubtub01 vs Ftswag3.0 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


Enjoy :)

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