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Selling Prime Parts And Mods, Best Prices Around

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Here is everything I have for sale. I'm looking for platinum, but would also consider trades from my Wanted List at the end.

Prime Parts

Melee (5 Plat Unless Noted)

Ankyros Prime Gauntlet

Bo Prime Ornament x 3 (2 plat)

Dakra Prime Blade

Fang Prime Blueprint

Orthos Prime Blade

Orthos Prime BP

Orthos Prime Handle x 3

Reaper Prime Bp

Primary (5 Plat)

Boar Prime Receiver x 2

Boar Prime Stock

Boltor Prime Barrel

Boltor Prime Stock x 10

Braton Prime BP x 5

Burston Prime Barrel x 3

Burston Prime Stock x 2

Latron Prime Barrel

Latron Prime BP x 6

Latron Prime Stock x 2

Paris Prime BP

Paris Prime Lower Limb

Paris Prime String

Paris Prime Upper Limb

Secondary (5 Plat)

Akbronco Prime BP

Lex Prime Barrel x 2

Lex Prime Receiver

Sicarus Prime Barrel x 4

Sicarus Prime BP

Warframe (5 Plat Unless Noted)

Ember Prime Chassis

Ember Prime Helmet x 4

Frost Prime Chassis x 6

Frost Prime Systems

Loki Prime BP (30 Plat)

Mag Prime Chassis x 5

Rhino Prime Helmet

Rhino Prime Systems x 3


Melee (2 Plat Unless Noted)

Berserker (10 Plat)

Heavy Trauma x 4

Smite Grineer x 4

Primary (2 Plat Unless Noted)

Bane of Infested x 2

Cleanse Infested

Cryo Rounds x 2

Firestorm (20 Plat)

Hammer Shot (10 Plat)

Hell's Chamber x 2 (10 Plat)

Infected Clip x 6

Point Blank

Shell Compression

Shotgun Savvy


Tactical Pump

Secondary (2 Plat Unless Noted)

Concussion Rounds


Expel Grineer

Expel Infested


Heated Charge x 11

No Return

Pathogen Rounds (10 Plat)

Tainted Clip (5 Plat)

Target Cracker

Warframe (2 Plat Unless Noted)


Blind Rage x 3 (10 Plat)

Diamond Skin x 3

Enemy Sense

Flow (5 Plat)


Heavy Impact x 3

Master Thief

Reflex Guard x 2

Shock Absorbers x 2

Streamline x 4 (5 Plat)

Stretch x 3

Sure Footed

Undying Will

Stance (5 Plat Unless Noted)

Burning Wasp x 3

Coiling Viper

Fracturing Wind

Gemini Cross x 4 (10 Plat)

Grim Fury

Iron Phoenix x 3

Seismic Palm x 2

Shattering Storm x 2

Sinking Talon x 2

Swirling Tiger

Tranquil Cleave (10 Plat)

Sentinal (2 Plat)

Fired Up

Spare Parts x 2

Aura (5 Plat)

Energy Siphon

Rifle Scavenger

Shield Disruption

Sniper Scavenger

Speed Holster

Steel Charge x 2

Wanted List (Open to trade up to 3 items for any of these)

Scindo Prime Blade

Hikou Prime BP

Hikou Prime Stars x 2 (Need to have both)

Hikou Prime Puch x 2 (Need to have both)

PM me on PSN or message me here if you are interested.

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