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Wtb A Few Prime Pieces.

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Looking to purchase a few prime pieces, both weapons and Warframes. 


Warframe Parts:

Ember Prime BP

Ember Prime Chassis

Ember Prime Systems


Rhino Prime BP

Rhino Prime Chassis

Rhino Prime Helm


Loki Prime BP

Loki Prime Chassis

Loki Prime Helm

Loki Prime Systems


Weapon Parts:

Boltor Prime Barrel

Boltor Prime Receiver

Boltor Prime BP


Braton Prime Stock

Braton Prime Receiver

Braton Prime Barrel


Dakra Prime Blade

Dakra Prime Handle

Dakra Prime BP


As I generally run the game in the background while I attend to other things, sending me a pst in game with the price of the piece you have is your best bet, though be aware I may not be there to immediately respond. Also, full sets or separate pieces are fine.

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