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New Kunai/shuriken/pistol Sorta Secondary


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Naming it Kuroi


STATS:50 base dmg

60 status chance

5% crit

same fire rate as kunai


post art here i need art


i want it like shuriken or kunai


or go be a pistol NORMAL


3 morphics 1000 nano spores


500 shaakin (new component links comin)






EDIT adding components to make

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I would like to see a kunai pistol, a secondary pistol that fires kunais or shurikens, and no not like the boltos and the gremlins, which are nails, but a gun similar to the tysis or miter, but for shurikens and kunais.

oh my  gawd. A RAILGUN PISTOL THAT SHOOTS KUNAI. or whatever ninja esq metal you can slap in it RAIL GUN PISTOLLLLLLLL

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