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Looking For Friendly Strangers!


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I've got a clan (just to get to added bonuses in the dojo basically) and would like to have a handful of moderately frequent players to join me, as me and my older brother can't beat everything by ourselves it seems! We're both in the Average to Above Average area as far as skill goes. We aren't interested in PVP, just want some people to help out with missions and farming and such. Easy to get along with, adults, no voice chat for the time being, but will have in the near future.


My Steam tag is AlphabetTaco, if you'd like to play just add me and message me on steam, hope to hear from someone(s)

Thanks for reading and such!

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Hey there - I am also in a fledgling Ghost Clan (4 members currently) - if you're not interested in abandoning your dojo work so far I completely understand. However, even if you & your bro aren't interested in jumping ship - perhaps we should just get on each others friend lists & cooperate when necessary? We even have a TS available for use as well!


If you have yet to get off the ground in the dojo and would consider joining up with us - we have only just finished building some of the labs - most of the research is yet to be started. So - it would almost be comparable to getting in on the ground floor - without having to spend all the that time & effort building the oh-so-exciting corridors & reactors! :)


Whatever your choice - feel free to add me in game or fire me a PM round here sometime - good hunting Tenno!

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