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Can We Have A Warframe Sandbox Mode?


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Yes, so much yes, I think that should be on the design board as like, number 1 priority after they finish the tilesets and get the bosses reworked.

We would be able to create custom missions with custom enemy spawns and such, also a replay mode that allows us to film/view our warframes in action but from different angles and such.

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A "sandbox" mode would be interesting, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea, in said sandbox mode, to configure the various ability-altering stats such as Strength/Range/Duration/Efficiency on-the-fly and without having to worry about mod energy or slots or the cost of obtaining each specific variant (1 of every rank of that mod).


A few more things about a sandbox mode for Warframe:

- It would be nice to allow those that enter to test various weapons freely (mods included), BUT it should be entirely separate from our normal inventory.

- Have various sandbox-only options such as having the hit boxes visible, disabling AI, a speedometer option, etc... (I'm not the only one that wants to know how damned fast that Volt can go with 4 "Sprint boost" aura's, maxed "Rush", max power strength)


Also, I'm not against the idea for having access to making custom mission/maps in the sandbox mode (it would be amusing to see what tilesets people put together) but if we are there for the sole purpose of testing various things, the default tileset would either have to be the area that the Tenno use for mastery tests OR the Developers testing map (the one that we see on the various Dev Streams).


Apologies about the lengthy post, I figured I might as well say a few things to get peoples imagination flowing, should they read this post that is...

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I think that if they released an SDK-like thing for the community to use/mess with that they could get people more active (than they already are) in the community.


I mean look at what Valve did with their games... even some of the oldest games that they made still have a ton of people still playing them because they gave the community the ability to modify/create new things (legally).

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No thanks.

I'd like DE to focus on the things they're actually interested in doing.


All the desultory ideas that have been added to the game have done very little to improve it's overall performance/value.


If DE said 'yes' to every interesting idea, we would hold them to it for that.

This is a fun thing, though best left in the backburner. (with the heat turned all the way down)

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