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Parkour Vault Question



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You need to go faster. You can do the 'normal' route with a speed Loki and make it into the third room. There are also some shortcuts. Valkyr's Ripline can get you to the end in about 7 seconds, Switch Teleport in roughly 10, Tailwind is about 5.


I would recommend trying those frames if you are searching for those rooms. Trying to be parkour deft is a little difficult on controller.


In any event, the third room isn't too special, it just offers you more chances to get a random mod.

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Any frame will get you there, if you don't mess up.

For a controller... Just do the first wall run to propel you and then just take it platform by platform.

Once the drawbridge platform is pressed, maybe do a copter and a few slide whips to get to the 3rd room fast.

In any event, you can always have a Carrier and use an AoE to smash the crates behind the wall and Vacuum will do the rest :3

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