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Coming Soon: Devstream #39!


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Who? Join the usual crew - Scott, Geoff, Steve, Sheldon and Rebecca - to preview our next major update, Warframe: Archwing! From Archwing to Proxy Wars, join us to check out what’s coming!


What? We will be taking community questions from this thread as well as previewing much of Warframe: Archwing!


Prizes? Why yes, we’ll be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes! But wait, there’s MORE! We will be giving away some excellent prizes provided by Razer!


Tune in for your chance to win:

1 x Razer Death Adder Gaming Mouse

1 x Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headset


Where? Join us at http://twitch.tv/Warframe.


When?  Friday, October 17th at 2PM EDT! Find your timezone at www.worldtimebuddy.com.


Thread closes at 10AM Friday!


See you this Friday, Tenno!

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Finally Proxy Wars!


My main question if I am allowed to ask one, is how drastically will the dynamics of proxy wars affect endgame? Is it only going to be special appearances we can get? Or will it be expanded int eh future to include special (legendary?) weapons, mods and items that will further enhance gameplay?


Furthermore, will proxy wars give rise to even more assasins from each sub-faction? How will the dynamics of who we do and don't support affect the interaction between our Tenno and NPCs in the game, if any?


Additionally, could we also have an update on the hubs and whether they will eb drastically different from anything we've seen before?

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I have asked this question multiple times and each time I hope for a response, but what is the update on Mios (the third melee contest weapon)


Also will there be a preview of the new frame in this stream? please I have been dieing for news on the new frame, I need it for hype!

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Is the new transaction still a taboo subject?


Also, are Katanas in Warframe all called "Nikanas"? Because the Nikana's stance refers to the weapon class as "Nikana", does that mean we'll only get one Katana? If so, why does it have so many stances compared to the other weapons?


Are you guys going to change invasions with the new Proxy Wars? 


Can Focus make it in the game before the end of 2014? 

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At last some end game ? :)


- When will we get more quests ?

- Will we be able to get quests to reforge old weapons into a bit more powerful ones ? (not just simply buy bp from market)


  In addition, how do You feel about concept of evolving weapons ? For Example a multi stage quest to reforge Skana into a      

  stronger blade - np. kill 10 000 enemies with Skana -> next part of quest unlocks - steal ancient orokin BP that lets You reforge

  good old Skana into a bit more powerful sword stats wise and with slightly changed apperance. Multi stage because You could do

  it 5, 6 or more times (with increasing difficulty of the task) and just one of the stats would increase a bit - in case of Skana it would

  have to stop before it reached level of Dakra I think. Still it could be a fun mechanic to do something with old unused weapons.


- What is current status of Excalibur changes ? Will Super Jump be replaced by a new more useful skill ?


  Now it is just a circumstantial skill that only few Tenno actually use. In case of mobility we will have directional/aerial melee that

  You shoved in previous devstream - it will be much better (because it is omni directional - and SJ is vertical movement).

  That stun and invis ... well ... even "fixed" Radial Blind will do a better job and at the same time it will be helpful to the team,

  not only for Excal, and after RJ just directional/aerial melee out of harms way.

  For the ppl that actually want to use it, wouldn't it be better to just incorporate super jump as a feat for every frame :

  holding down SPACE would consume a bit energy and the frame would jump higher.

  (still think it is not a neccessity now, when we will get directional/aerial melee - we'll be able to just point upward

   and make a really long jump with it - for those lovers of Heavy Impact).


- Liset customization - when ?

- New pets - soon ? ;)

  Btw. concept of not being able to do anything with a pet taken out from stasis is not working that good. Maybe turn stasis

  sickness into actual sickness (reduced stats by a lot - but at least let us customize it, or show off to a buyer).

- Will there be a Teacher-Student system ingame ? Where Vets could help Fresh players and both parties would benefit ?

- Proxy wars - mechanism behind it - will it be time based, like alarms or invasion ? or there will be no need to hury to acomplish

  the task ?

- Archwing - I hope it won't be needing new super rare resource ? It would be better to just be locked in a quest

  (multi stage at that - to be more interesting)

- Shooting range ? - I think it is much needed to test guns, not only after you have them but even before You would buy them or

  build them. I think a kind of virtual shooting range with every weapon available to get in game

  (+ additionaly event weapons if You got them) and a virtual arsenal where You could mod and test trail forma builds on them

  (with mods and their ranks that You currently posses) would be a good addition.

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Are ye ever going to address the issues many people have with timed attacks?


it does not fit the game well and can be hard to do in a heated battle, not to mention that people are admitting to not bothering with combs due to the difficulty of doing them and the fact that it's hardly rewarding, not to mention the fact that it also slows you down making it worse than quick melee.


The current system has a nice promise, but it executes poorly and make quick melee for convenient for not dying.


Melee Combos Take Too Much Concentration And Aren't Even Worth Doing.


Not Sure If I'm The Only One Who Feels This Way Regarding Melee Combos


Combo String System(Using The Reload Button) - A Better Combo System


How about holding down "use" "Switch" and "Reload" keys to execute different combos maybe even for quick shot ala Devil May Cry("Switch" key)? Holding down melee for either charge attack or another combos. You already got holding down "block" and "back" down, even holding down "Sprint" Speeds up the flow, but ultimately fails at making you as fast as quick melee.


Or you can tap those buttons to switch to another combo(can even include a sorta sub-stance where they stand differently based on what you switched to)


What would make the current system more bearable would be showing a cobo string branching off into different combos strings and as you push a button, the buttons on the string would highlight basically telling you where you are in the combo.


And when are you going to improve quickening?


It makes no sense that you take away Fury's speed and give it to a mod that ruins your energy pool. 80% loss in efficiency just to get back the speed you lost with Fury's nerf. Fury should have NEVER been nerf and Quickening should NEVER make you lose 80% efficiency. You have Corrupt Charge" that you can use instead for better results with way less efficiency loss. If fury is going to be 30%, then quickening should not have efficiency loss at all, having to channel is god enough. I can reach more speed with using Volt/Valkyr, why even use Quickening. it's so useless. Energy drained in a few hits of a mob. Energy Restore can barely keep up and even using that is too much. 


In the end, timed attacks don't have to go, but hold attacks should be implemented as an alternative. it would be similar to hotkey, but would have that Devil May Cry 5 feel.


Even magically switch between each melee weapon with each button press by materializing them using nanotechnites(Or Nano tech)...


You have Sword, Scythe, galive equipped, hold or press each button i mentioned earlier to materialize them r simply have different combos for the same weapon.


And you should speed up the animation of each combos, there is no reason for them to be so slow and get you killed.


Melee Quick Shot



Melee Stance Mod Stat Rework (Multi-Hit/multi-Shot In Place Of Additional Mod...


Dagger Stance Attackspeed Bug?


Alt Fire And Zoom In Are Separate Keys. Why Don't They Work As Such?


Impact, Puncture And Slash Are Meaningless - What are ye guys going to do about this?



You even going to fix this?


Even the Glaive slide attack is strong than it's thow damage. Are you going to reverse this?


Also Mirage Hall of Mirror clones cannot toss the Glaive with it equipped. I do however see them toss it when it's not equipped, but only when hosting, much lke the dread issue especially with thunderbolt. You going to fix this?







You guys ever going to start adding new tiles to old tiles again with each update or at least major update? The old tiles are getting boring and repetitive especially the age old ones.


You ever going to add custom player created tilesets like you said you guys would do?


You ever going to give kubrows an auto loot system like a trained pet and even sniff out enemies?


Would you be able to transfer to each planetary lobby w/o going back to Liset and have Ordis fly the Liset to your location. It would make the Liset similar to a "My Room" feature.


Would you be able to access the star chart and begin missions from the lobby without going into liset?


Would there ever be an HQ lobby?







Ever thought of disabling energy drain trap doors until U15 for the sake of sword alone?


Every going to make alerts adapt any infested tilesets and other missions?


Infested missions ever going to go dark?


Invasions ever going to get new music, tilesets, planets, missions(Ext is boring, tired and broken), and more meaningful rewards?


Ever going to allow credits to add up based on time spent in endless missions and alerts?

(In the time spent moving up to wave 10, i could have done upto wave 5 twice over and earn double the credits of going to 10 and triple going to 15 and quadruple for 20 and so forth. Something is seriously wrong here)


Ever going to simplify Void keys and make T1-T4 keys rather than T2(Insert Mission here)?

It's a convoluted mess and there is no definitive way to even get precisely the right key which means you must deal with awful trading and pray you can use the wrong key to get the right one.which hardly happens.


Ever going to put Void key rewards back in normal missions? See no reason why they aren't there in the first place?


Every going to make T1 keys appear after 5 waves/5 minutes, etc. happen more often and T2 for 10 and T3/T4 for 15?


You guys ever going to streamline the escape menu more?

Rather than click on "Equipment" then click Arsenal, you hover over "Equipment" then hover over "Arsenal" and click it.

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But......the 4th faction D:





When can we get more emblems like the tehthra one ( 3D plasma thingies)


Is the focus system put on hold until the underwater levels arrive?


Are heavy melee weapons being looked at for a rework? ( they are way too weak compared to lighter ones)?


Any more gun balance on the horizon?


What about the handspring/active recovery revamp? Any progress or is it on hold?



Why is the Reload button still  unused in melee mode? Couldn't charge/heavy attacks be triggered with it  giving less cluttered pause combos like the ones we have now?



; Why has there been no word whatsoever about Slash dash in the excalibur rework?

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Oh, next Devstream...very nice!

Looking forward to this!



I have a question (and I am speaking for my whole Clan here...):


When will we, as players, be able to get more lore? Will there be a more complex and longer storyline in the future?

Warframe is definetely one of the best games at the moment, but we would love to see more content other than farming...


By the way: Archwing was an awesome idea! I'm looking forward to this...this has so much potential!

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For those of us benighted moronic fools who DO NOT ENJOY PvP, will we see anything on Focus?


Or anything more on the new faction?


I WOULD also like to learn more about the Orokin war with the Sentients.

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I have a few questions.


1.) What about new trading system? I know its been mentioned before but can we have some news or updates maybe a time frame?


2.) When will we be able to have something for Kubrow Stasis Sickness other than using plat?


3.) Can you please fix the Mastery Test bug. I keep trying to rank up on different tests and it will go to load then kick me back to the Liset and make me wait 24 hrs i didnt even get to take the test.


And as always 

GREAT JOB DE! looking forward to the stream

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Can you give us more details on the improvement and updating of older Warframes, notably the Prime variants? Will the dev team ever go back and make the older generations of Primes equivalent to the newer ones, both aesthetically and mechanically?

Also, will the dev team be focusing on improving the concepts of mobility and cover in the game? By this, I mean improving and innovating mobility for both players and enemies.

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With the inclusion of the Quest System 1.0 and New Player Experience 2.0, will Events like Operation Sling Stone or Arid Fear, be re-intriduced to new players to both expose them to the mission type and the lore that came with the event?


Many new players wouldn't have been exposed to who Alad V is or what to do during survival as for the life support. There are many tips and tricks that more experienced players know that a new player wouldn't without experience. The lack of said experience may ruin a new players' enjoyment of the game as they may find the mission types too difficult while there would be little tricks to make said missions easier.


Exposing the new players with the inclusive quest systems would help with this and expose them to the lore of the game without needing to read on the Wiki.

For example: After murdering my way through Mercury and Venus, and I finally am ready to tackle Earth, the first Sabotage mission would initiate the "Cicero Crisis" quest, which would immerse the player into both the Codex System and Earth Sabatoge.
Or Ceres, Hijack for Tethra's Doom, or maybe the first Void Capture key acquired would start the Arid Fear quest.

Of course event rewards would remain exclusive, so Gorgon Wraith and etc would stay limited time only.

These quests would have to happen linearly as does the lore. The Gravidus Dilemma for example would be a quest that triggers it's mission over Jupiter and Saturn but the faction chosen for the preset nodes "under invasion" would be up to the player's choice just as the Gravidus Dilemma was.

I think this system would be an effective way to reintroduced lore to players if they weren't from Update 6 or prior, as Warframe's lore is adaptively progressing. Of course situations like Eris, Infected Ship tileset would bring for rearrangement of the nodes to fit proper distribution for the New Player.


The problem arose when a new player can participate with a new event like Breeding Grounds or Cryotic Fronts.But as a new player they would maybe just have met Alad V in Jupiter only to learn later that Alad is now infected. This confuses the new player.

Currently new players that haven't finished the tutorial and at least one mission after the tutorial would be prevented from participating in any 24 hour alert and/or Event without being invited via a host.


And with this the new player wouldn't be able to acquire the event rewards if they haven't finished the one mission post the tutorial. (I've hosted a mission for my brother and he wasn't able to acquire the Cryotic Fronts rewards because he wasn't finished the tutorial.)


This is good where it allows the new player to actually progress through the game first but it is also bad where it limits the new player from event exclusive rewards.

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1. Has focus been worked on as of later, or is that less of an issue since it isn't going to be for this update and more focus (no pun intended) is going to the archwing and hub stuff.


2. Any progress with the idea of semi-free roam asteroid mining archwing levels?

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