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Dojo Decorations: Poll!

Dojo Decorations Poll  

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I voted for rooms that I can decorate myself.


 I know this is wishful thinking but personally, I would like to see all the rooms and hallways be built as a generic empty space for a very reduced cost ...some credits and salvage (does a hallway really need a forma?)..then you can choose a purpose for the room at an additional cost.

 Let us lay out our base design then customize it to fit our needs.  Actually martial arts dojos, firing range, war room, meditation garden, observatory..etc. Then allow us to populate the rooms with the appropriate doodads and gubbins.   Maybe some different geometry, you know, things like curves...less boxy geometry.


*I know this is really really wishful thinking but being able to put in our own particles and triggered events would be awesome.*


 Please make more interactive rooms. Less museum-esque 'look, don't touch' and more science world 'try everything' type of rooms.


 Thanks DE


I build game levels as a hobby so any chance to do some extra modeling and scripting is perfect for me.

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