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The Crypt- Now Recruiting


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Hello fellas! From today, The Crypt will be up to recruitng new members.

Currently we have three members, Me, jikokuten and wiggatron.


It is easy to enter, just pm me and I will make sure you are a part of the clan.


Some notes:

- Rank 2 and above will automaticly be ranked up to soldiers.

-Rank 1 and below will need to archive rank 2 to get to soldier rank.

-The doujo currently have the bio lab and tenno lab, I am still building everything.(The dojo also have a trade post)

-Once the clan gets the 10 member limit, I will make a logo and upgrade to shadowclam.


When I am offline you can also contact Jikokuten.


Join us and let's have fun trying to make 100 defense waves :D

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