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Ancients And Shadows Of The Dead


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I've posted this before and it got saw by probably 3 people, so this issue is still here. The update to infested ancients at the start of 14 gave a lot of ancients sort of "energy lines" coming off them to show their aura, which looks nice but causes an issue when using Nekros' ult ability. When raising an army of ancients the aura effects are still on the ancient's models but takes the energy color of your warframe and has no transparency at all like they do normally. Basically it surrounds ancient's shadows in a bunch of thick ribbons that can really get in the way of seeing anything.




Edit: after doing some testing, i found out the source of this is only the Toxic Ancients. Will post a short video of this visual issue once it's uploaded since the screenshot can be a bit unclear


Edit: here's a short and terrible video showing it. Yes 360p is bad, but I've never done this before.

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this occasionally happens to many usually do to lag but when they do they are transparent and dont really get in my way, it looks like to e you got a really bad case of it :s


I did some testing with it, it's caused by all toxic ancients, not healers or disruptors

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