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Ideas For Changes To Sabotage In Ships


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Hey guys so sabotage missions ....am I the only one thinking they lack "oomph"?


I mean yeah you get in break some  very exposed glass and get out.. 


This mission type needs more stuff.



Here are a few changes I'd like to suggest


> More stealth : if you are detected by the alarm  there will be a doublle lockdown on the core , you'll have to hack through multiple puzzles ( 2 or 3 ina  row ) to expose the core. Being detected will spawn Warden type enemies around the core.


> More epic escape : sure there's the countdown...but we just blew up the ship's core: shoudln't sh*t be blowing up in every direction ? doors locking down Room by room to prevent the spread of the explosions? Grinner marines being sucked out because a part of the ship is gone?


we need moar chaos!


>>>>Maybe archwing escape since the extraction blew up or something?



>More diverse sabotage targets. I find it weird that grineer and corpus use exactly the same type of core . more variety on that front would be welcome :) 






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