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Game Disagrees With My Key Binding Preferences.


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I have sprint and roll bound to separate keys and sprint/roll completely unbound. I like it that way.


Warframe, on the other hand, hates it and won't let me leave key binding menu, even though I've been playing like this for a few months.


Note: I had to alt + F4 in order to keep my current key bindings.

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I experienced something like this recently too.


I also had issues with unbound toggle-crouch rejecting me.


Ended up having to bind hold-sprint(+roll) and toggle-crouch to the right side of the keyboard to exit the menu.




Ideally, I would like the option to have slide as a hold, with a tap triggering a roll, much like the controller default. As is, I use roll, toggle-sprint and hold-crouch on separate keys.

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