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Sargas Ruk-Scultpure


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I've been working for a bit of time on making a sculpture of Sargas Ruk. I plan on adding at least quite a bit of detail, and have worked very hard on it. I hope that at least some of you Tenno could help give me advice as to what I should do, what I am missing, etc. Support could be quite useful!

I plan on adding images of the WIP scultpure soon.

Edit: Note that this will not be life sized. I was hoping to make it very large at first, but I remembered that because of the time restrictions I have, I can not do so.

Edit #2 for clarification: Note the fact that I am not working with clay. To go into detail, of the process so far, I had used a wire structure to create the skeleton. Afterwards, I made newspaper balls taped together to create the basic body parts, such as the head, the chest, etc. I then started to use a mixture of Mod Podge, some (expired) flour, and water with some newspaper (pretty much paper mache) which after some time, made the body hardened and a simple structure completed. I am currently working on the next steps, involving a cloth/felt like material (I should get the name later) and the same mixture to make another layer or two for the body. After this process, I will layer some gesso onto Ruk, creating a smooth and clean look, while allowing me to paint on him. Once the gesso dries, I'll be taking a knife, or some other sharp object, and cut into Ruk to create some detail such as lines, folds, or more. Last, the painting process will begin, and soon after, this sculpture will be complete!

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Because of all the detail, I suggest you make an armature with removable parts so you have an easier time detailing every area.


Also, use a hard clay so it'll actually hold detail. Monster Clay is pretty hard as long as you keep it cool, but it will never solidify/cure. Sculpey Firm is good if you want to harden/bake it.


Don't bother making things life size unless you're getting paid for it. It's too expensive to do as a hobby and you'd probably use foam/bondo/apoxie instead of just clay anyway, it's a different skillset lol.

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