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Enemy Ideas,unit Compositions, And Weapons- Corpus Edition


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This thread is the  2nd part in a series where I attempt to render some order to the game that will, in hope, add a sense of progression as players move from planet to planet. This is more of an exercise in thought, but any input to the project is much appreciated. Enjoy, and remember this is a Work in Project.This is the 2nd in a series



Edit 10/17/14: Could a moderator remove this post. I have completed my series and compiled it into one large post. Thank you.

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Command Troops

 These are just a stratified version of the enemies we encounter now. The troops they spawn with will rush to their aid if they are attacked. These would replace the Eximus troops, but retain the possible aura buffs that are used now.  Each rank of command will add an ability to the troop making for a more formidable fight as a Tenno moves throughout the Origin System. They are armed as the units they lead.


Special Command Troops

            These troops compose the elite echelon of each factions hierarchy. They have abilities that can be very dangerous if not dealt with quickly. At low levels they will act as normal command troops, leading the fight against the Tenno. However at high levels they take on the role of mini-bosses with the compliment of abilities of their type.

Unit Compositions

            The unit load outs are set. Each unit fulfils a role in the military of each faction. The above mentioned leader types will spawn with the units and integrate with them. Any troop type can be the leader, that can be RNG'd for variety. The number of troops per unit will increase as you go throughout the Origin System. The compositions use only the troops present in the game.

Unit Spawning-

As of now in the game, enemy troops seem to spawn in a rather random fashion with no sense of order. Could the Grineer really conquer the Origin System by just heaving masses of men and women at a problem? Is it possible that the Corporate Good is fulfilled by the aimless flood of Corpus crewmen hurled at the Tenno threat?  Are the Infested just a bunch of mindless monsters bent on destruction and consumption? Maybe so, but I would say that there is some kind of arrangement that these troops could be put into to make them appear more like a military, and not a bunch of wondering goons…..but I could still be wrong…..mutated DNA, indoctrination, vicissitudinous morphing and all.


Corpus Concepts


Command Troops-  The Corpus do not seem to have a command structure as the Grineer do, so this is my my attempt to give them one. As DE is a Canadian company I tried to use the Canadian Naval ranks along with rank/titles used by the Merchant Marines and U.S. Coast Guard.


  • Petty Officer (PO)- Neutral Surge: Shocks the unit forcing them to advance


  • Chief Petty Officer(CPO)- NS, Take Cover: reduces damage for troops that take cover


  • Ensign- NS, TC, Bribe: when attacked by a tenno, other troops rush to their aid


  • Lieutenant- NS, TC, Bribe, and Seismic Shockwave



Special Command Troops


  • Security Chief- Carries a powerful Lanka variant and has 2 abilites


                                                               Sharpshooter- Very, VERY powerful single shot with a long                 


                                                              Reinforce- Calls in more units. Units called in in this manner   

                    have no drop table.


  • Chief Engineer- Heavy shield, dual wields Detrons and has 2 abilities


                                                               Aye, Captain!- Seals off the room’s exits and blows the doors

                           and windos to the room exposing the area to  



                                                              Full Speed!- Attaches ammo belts to his Detrons and fills the  

                      area with death. This causes his Detrons to melt

                      down causing the CE to be defensless until he can find a replacment.




  • Medic- Carries Duel Cestras and has 2 abilities

                                                             Halo- Overcharges the shields of surrounding units making them

                  weather more damage


                                                             CLEAR!- Fires a servo into a downed troop reanimating them to

               fight again. The troop is weaker and acts more as a




  • Astralist- ship navigator armed with Swarm Drone Controller,a shield jammer and one ability.

                                                   Magnitaze-  Shock a Tenno, stunning them, and marking them as a  

                       target for the Swarm Drones


  • Ship Master- Ship’s leader, acts as a mini-boss. Deploys 2 Drones

                                                                         ( the nasty ones that pop out of Fusion MOAs).


                                 Carries the Master’s Shockwave Cannon


                                    Master’s Shockwave Cannon-

                          Fires out a Shockwave Orb that deals Impact damage.

                          When it comes in contact with a Tenno it sets off a  

                          Shockwave then spilts into 2 halves. These will emit

                          Smaller shockwaves, and again split. A total of 8 pieces of

                          the orb will be scattered over the board. The whole orb

                          pulses slowly, with each sucessvive split pulseing faster       

                          and faster. The weaker shockwaves will only stagger,

                          not knock down a Tenno.




  • Guardsman- Replaces the Elite Crewmen units as the real security teams of Corpus Ships.


  • Enforcer- A rework of the Prod Crewmen.


  • Brigg Guardsman- Focused with keeping prisnoners alive and jailbreakers out. Armed with       

                                                 a Glaxion.


  • Bridge Guardsman- Bridge security. Carries a Serro.



  • Engineer Crewman- A rework of the Detron Crewmen.


Non- Crewmen


  • Trader- Shotgun wielding wheeler and dealer…..I wonder what’s in the ship they fly?


  • Convert- A new member of the Merchant Cult, but are unable to control themselves


  • Watcher- agent of the inner circles for the Corpus hierarchy


  • Broker- responsible for capturing people for the Cult


  • Private Security- Hired by traders and brokers for protection




  • Flack MOA- squat moa armed with an automatic shotgun


  • Spark MOA- normal moa armed with an arc-lighting cannon


  • Freeze MOA- Moa armed with a gun that fires a cone of frost


  • Sapper MOA- a suicidal MOA, just like the ones on other thread…not much to add about this



  • Lupine- wolf based Quadra able to sniff out Tenno and alert nearby Corpus

                        Deals slash damage with high bleed procs


  • Urus- Massive weapons platform. Shorter than the Jackal, but more robust

                    Does a frontal swip that deals very high impact damage


  • Coyger- a stealth quadra that strikes at moments of weakness. Be careful when your shield and

                        health are low. You may be prey for this nasty little blogger.


Androids- the next step in Corpus robotics



  • Net Osprey- deployes an energy net to incapsitate people. Used by Brokers.


  • Swarm Osprey- very small drones that attach to a target and shock them. Main weapon of the




Weapons- The Corpus, for being technologically advanced, have a surprising shallow weapon selection



  • Tetra- a work into a Corpus shotgun


  • Gauss Rifle- Semi-auto, magnetic damage



  • Monolesso- Main weapon of the Broker. Fires an energy bolo that can wrap around the hand,

                              ankles, or neck. Must be “revived” by a teammate to be freed.


  • Unimag- Single shot, high powered puncture pistol.



  • Quadragim- one handed plasma sword. Chinese straight sword mixed with a static cutting laser


  • Dibain- upgraded Prova wielded in pairs


  • Monatta- Single bladed pole arm……I just want a quandao in the game…..I can dream.


Corpus Unit Compositions – Each squad is led by a command troop.


Crewmen/Moa/Osprey Squads


Conscript Squad

Security Squad

Hostage Rescue Squad

Containment Team



Strife Response Squad


Sapper Squadron

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