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<<Wts>> Prime Parts And Rare Mods And R5 Fusion Cores

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Hi guys.

Contact me in game with offers if you interested.

If i'm offline add me on Steam (ID:Lieva) (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lieva)

Also you can reply here or PM me.(But it's not best way to contact me.)


R5 Fusion Core x8 (3p each)


<<Prime Parts>>


Boar Prime Receiver x2


Boltor Prime Stock x2


Dakra Prime Handle


Lex Prime Receiver


Loki Prime BP


Orthos Prime Blade 


Pang Prime BP 


Paris Prime BP

Paris Prime Grip 

Paris Prime Lower Limb x2


Wyrm Prime BP



Constitution x2


Natural Talent 


Vigor x3 




Accelerated Blast x2

Wildfire x3



Ice Storm x3 

Stunning Speed 



Focus Energy x2 

Heavy Trauma x2 

Power Throw 



Blind Justice 

Burning Wasp 

Clashing Forest

Fracturing Wind 

Gemini Cross

Malicious Raptor®

Reaping Spiral

Shimmering Blight 

Sundering Weave 



Rifle Amp
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