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Upgrading Slash Dash [Another Possible Rework]


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I wanted to make a thread speaking only about Slash Dash since Excalibur is going to be... "upgraded"


I propose the following changes:


Slash Dash now is based on our melee weapon (and its mods) and will deal dmg according to that.


Slash Dash will always have a 100% chance to proc Slash's Bleeding effect

(unless the current weapon doesnt do any Slash dmg, in that case it will proc 100% only the highest dmg type equipped)


Slash Dash now counts toward the combo counter. Credits to Kthal


Ranking up Slash Dash will increase dmg dealt by a percentage, example: 100/125/150/200% additional dmg

(as well as distance & movement speed while performing it).


I think these changes fit Slash Dash because it's basically an "action" performed using our melee weapon so why shouldnt we benefit of it?


Slash Dash is meant to enhance it!

And with this "upgrade" it is exactly what is going to do.

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But that means they have to remove the energy skana that replaces our melee weapon



But yes.


But what about the animaton?


you can't slash with a fist weapon


Ya well... animations will need to be changed accordingly


Basically all single swords/daggers/axes shouldnt be much of a problem... you just use those skins instead of the skana one, leaving the rest unchanged.


Fist weapons could be animated in a "superman flight" style




Dual weapons could be animated with arms wide open or crossed


Blunt weapons could be holded with both the hands on the grip (1 near the end of it, 1 near the head of it, like if you are pushing something)




slash dash do not need anything other than power



That's exactly what i'm proposing... unless your melee weapon deals less than 500 Slash dmg w/no procs ofc...

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Question, what would happen if you had no melee weapon equipped?


I suppose you could make it use an "energy skana" that would cover some of the bases, and let it stay slash based.


Personally, I'd prefer to see it allow you to cast abilities during the dash with no animation (Insta RJ would be awesome), in addition to doing damage based on an enemies missing HP

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Question, what would happen if you had no melee weapon equipped?


Trying to keep it balanced with approximate current damage values...


125/200/275/350 damage, + 50%/100%/150%/200% melee damage


This would keep 150 damage for the newer players, but increase the scaling significantly, making the ability feel more rewarding and not quite so ineffective as the map is explored.



100% status sounds good, but it would be more balanced if it drew from the weapon's status calculation (damage types and status chance), with 100% slash proc in the event of no other effects happening. This would prevent manipulation of things like the Silva and Aegis to give a 100% Radiation proc. (Although, honestly, your idea sounds like a lot of fun)

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